Cover Galleries

A new feature I’m working on adding to the site is a Cover Gallery, collecting images of all the titles in The Princess Diaries series as they were published (and re-published!) around the world.

The cover gallery for Volume 1 “The Princess Diaries” is now up, with more galleries coming soon. If you spot a cover that is not included in the gallery, or if you have a higher-resolution/better quality version of a cover, please comment and let me know!


Welcome to the all-new fanlisting for Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries series, The Royal Library of Genovia.

This fanlisting has actually been a long time coming, as I adopted it a long time ago, but I never got around to building it. Unfortunately, no one else adopted it in that time, so when I noticed it was still up for grabs, I reapplied.

Why “The Royal Library of Genovia”?

I wanted to capture the spirit of the fanlisting being for an entire book series, rather than just a single entry in the series, the movie adaptation(s), or any of the characters or pairings.

Genovia is the fictional country from The Princess Diaries series. Since the series protagonist, Mia Thermopolis learns she is a Princess of this country, I wanted to link it to the “library” of the book series via the term “royal.” Why not? 🙂