Cover Gallery

Cover Gallery

Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries has enjoyed a worldwide release over many years, resulting in a variety of amazing covers (and alternate titles!) for each of the books. Seen a cover that isn’t represented in the gallery below, or have a higher-quality image of one of the small covers? Let me know in the comments!

Volume 1 Covers from Around the World

Some of the volumes in other languages included a subtitle. For example, the French edition calls Volume 1 “The Princess Diaries, Vol. 1: The Big News,” while the Hungarian edition specifically states that Princess Mia is “The Unmarried Princess.” For some reason, the Sinhala edition sometimes translates as “The Princess Diaspora,” but I’m willing to chalk that up to a Google Translate error. The Romanian edition is “Princess Notes,” but the first word in the title on its own properly translates as “Diary,” so who knows how Google Translate parses out book titles? The Swedish edition is titled “Tiara and Doc Martens: A Princess’s Diary,” while the Thai version translated as “Save the Princess” for me! The Croatian title is “Sudden Princess” or perhaps “Suddenly a Princess!” I like the idea of the title being an exclamation.

Also worth noting are the countries that use the same artwork, versus the original English release artwork (in the United States), or artwork used for subsequent releases of the book around the world (sometimes with new titles). Some countries even used art from other releases,  but cropped or edited it!

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Volume 2 Covers From Around the World

Similar to Volume 1, the Volume 2 (Princess in the Spotlight/Take Two/Royal Disaster) books released around the world often had variable artwork and sometimes unique subtitles. The French edition is called “First Steps,” while the Spanish edition calls it “Princess on Stage,” which is pretty close to the original title. The German edition is very punchy, with the title “Power, Princess!” while the Italian goes with “A Crown for Mia.” The Thai version is even simpler, going with “The Story of the Princess,” even though this is book two! The Swedish edition drops all notions of a Princess, and just calls it “Spotlight.” The Greek version sort of references a spotlight, calling the book “Princess in the Light of Publicity” — but again, Google Translate probably isn’t very good with colloquialisms. The Lithuanian and Vietnamese titles translate as “Princess in the Limelight,” which isn’t all that different from a spotlight. “Princess in [the] Public” is the Estonian title, while the Croatian title calls it a “floodlight” which seems even more extreme! The Czech books aims to give Mia “A Place for [a] Princess,” and finally, the BBC’s Audiobook version of the book (published as “Take Two,”) was read by the actress who played Mia in the Princess Diaries movies, Anne Hathaway!

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Other Volume Covers from Around the World

As I build up the cover gallery with images of the Princess Diaries series books from around the world, I will break apart this general cover gallery into galleries for each individual book. As the Volume 1 and 2 galleries demonstrate, even a single volume has tons of cover variants and unique titles, so it’s worth it to divide the series up into its individual book parts. Of course, not all books got released around the world, so stay tuned for explanations on those!

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