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The Princess What?

The Princess Diaries are a series of young adult books authored by Meg Cabot. As of October 2018, the series includes the following books (in chronological story order, rather than publication order; alternative titles are listed in parentheses):

  • Volume 1: Princess Diaries
  • Volume 2: Princess in the Spotlight (Take Two/A Royal Disaster)
  • Volume 3: Princess in Love (Third Time Lucky/Princess in the Middle)
  • Volume 4: Princess in Waiting (Mia Goes Fourth/Royally Obsessed)
  • Volume 4.5: Project Princess
  • Volume 5: Princess in Pink (Give Me Five/Prom Princess)
  • Volume 6: Princess in Training (Sixsational/Royal Rebel)
  • Volume 6.5: The Princess Present
  • Volume 7: Party Princess (Seventh Heaven)
  • Volume 7.5: Sweet Sixteen Princess
  • Volume 7.75: Valentine Princess
  • Volume 8: Princess on the Brink (After Eight/Royal Scandal)
  • Volume 9: Princess Mia (To the Nines/Bad Heir Day)
  • Volume 10: Forever Princess (Ten Out of Ten/Crowning Glory)
  • Spin-Off Series (Middle Grade), Volume 1: From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess
  • Volume 11 (for Adults): Royal Wedding
  • Spin-Off Series (Middle Grade), Volume 2: Royal Wedding Disaster (Bridesmaid-in-Training)
  • Spin-Off Series (Middle Grade), e-short: Royal Day Out
  • Spin-Off Series (Middle Grade), Volume 3: Royal Crush
  • Spin-Off Series (Middle Grade), Volume 4: Royal Crown

Other books inspired by The Princess Diaries but are not part of the official chronology include:

  • Princess Lessons
  • Perfect Princess
  • Holiday Princess

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This fanlisting was last updated on September 20, 2021.